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Tablet PC Repairing

Expert institute of advanced technologies is a chip level institute that has provided chip level courses in Delhi since a long time. These courses are very much essential and they are necessary for jobs and technical career all over India. Tab Repair, Dell, HCL, Samsung, Tablet PC Repairing Training Institute in Delhi

Laptop Repairing

The laptop institute in Delhi has developed the popular laptop repair training courses that can be conveniently understood by the students from the different areas, such as, if you have passed 12th in science, arts and commerce etc., they can also apply in the laptop course in Delhi. So they can seek for the professional career in Information technology.

Mobile Repairing

The laptop repairing course in Delhi is designed to offer extensive practical and technical expertise in the laptop repair to make the students ready to get jobs in the leading industries. We provide the laptop repairing course in Delhi with the advanced networking solutions to enable you to run your business in near future.

Advance CCTV Camera Repairing Course in Delhi is provided by Expert institute of advance technology to a very affordable price and it is one such advance repairing institute in Delhi India that is known for its successful candidates all over the country. There are also various other technical courses that Expert institute of advance technology provides the students all over the country.


  • About Digital and Electronic Security Systems.
  • What is a CCTV Camera?
  • Indore & Outdoor CCTV Systems,
  • Introduce to all types of analog and digital cameras
  • Camera Angle & Degree
  • Where & which camera required ?
  • Camera installation with DVR


  • CCTV Installation Tools
  • CCTV Spare parts & Accessories
  • Wireless Security Camera,
  • Hidden Security Camera
  • Bullet Camera’s, Full Size Camera’s,
  • Fixed Size Camera’s, Camera Introduction.


  • What is DVR Stand Alone,
  • Camera installation with DVR
  • Audio & Video recording
  • Play Back & USB Backup Raw Photage
  • Motion, Manual, Schedule Recording
  • Audio & Video recording
  • Data playback and backup


  • What is Remote CCTV Networking
  • How to Connect Single & Multi Camera
  • Multiple DVR Adding with Networking
  • Network Cables color coding
  • LAN Network Setup
  • Network Cables color coding
  • WAN Network Setup ,
  • Modem configuration for DVR & NVR
  • What is IP Camera
  • What is NVR
  • Mobile Phone operating system based application for DVR & NVR
  • Installation of IP Camera