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How to set-up Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies?

If you wish to start your own business in the field of Information Technology then setting-up a Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies in one of the best option to start with. The important steps to start a Expert Institute are as follows:

  • As first step you have to give an application to set-up a center to “Director Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies”on a plain paper, for establishing a center with prospective location of the center.

  • An affiliation fees has to be deposited in Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies head office for setting-up Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies.The fee is different for different types of centers and categories of the centers.

  • If you agree with all the terms and conditions defined below then fill up the attached application form and send it to Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies Head Office. Along with this application form, you have to send the DD of affiliation fees also in the favors of Expert Ins Of Adv. Technologiespayable at Delhi.

  • As soon as the Head office receives your application form with affiliation fees, we send our agreement to you for your signature. There after we provide you the affiliation certificate and the kit to start your center. You are then authorized to start a Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies

  • Along with these procedures you have to identify the premises and purchase the equipment’s to set up the center. When you complete the above requirements, the Development Officer of Expert Institute Of Advance Technologies would visit your center for inspection.

  • After the inspection you can start admitting the students in your center.
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