Mobile Repairing Institute in Delhi (Course Module)

mobile repairing institute delhi

Duration- 3 Months

Basic Mobile Phone Repairing Course Module

In the time of 21st century people are getting used to specialized digital instruments. Everyone wants today new designed mobile cell phone, laptop, Tablet PC, Note Book, iPhone, Window Phone, Touch Phone etc as today's these digital machine are the essential of human life. But life becomes irritating and peace less when this essential is out of order due to multipurpose specialized fault. Now the only one option is Repairing of digital instruments as we are not very well aware of operating multifunctional machine and its maintenance as well On the other hand users of mobile phone, tablet PC, notebook, iPhone and laptop are in millions but mobile phone repairing professionals laptop tablet PC hardware and networking engineers are only in thousands. This situation can be regarded as a significant change between Need and Supply Since 5years with 70 branches in India including Delhi Head Office, the hard work of Expert Institute of Advance Technologies are to complete above described change or is very grateful. Expert Institute offers advanced Career oriented courses of any type of mobile phone repairing course like Chinese, GSM & CDMA. We provide new technology all time and give you life time online, technical support. Not only mobile repairing course in Delhi also Laptop repairing course, tablet PC repairing course Laptop hardware networking repairing. Expert Institute has a well designed library & regular practical lab, with modern measuring machine & tools which gives circuit diagram, easy repairing procedure, latest guidance aids, ball making method by B.G.A. machine, Software training, S.M.D., I.R.D.A. Ledger machine working procedure and also spare parts supporting to trainees & refresh course in every year.

Mobile Phone Repairing Course Module Detail

  • History of Mobile Phone
  • GSM & CDMA Structure & Generation of Mobile Phone
  • Frequency & Channels
  • Wi-Fi, SIM, & IMEI
  • Mobile Phone Assembly & Disassembly
  • Electronic Components Overview
  • Chip Level Soldering & De-soldering Mobile Phone Complete Software Repairing
  • Parts of Computer
  • Computer Operating
  • Driver Installation
  • Software Repairing
  • Mobile Phone S/W repairing with coding
  • Chinese Mobile Phone Repairing Mobile Phone Basic Electronics & Complete Hardware Repairing
  • Introduction to Electronics
  • Charge
  • Voltage
  • Types of current
  • All Electronics Components Identification testing & their working
  • Basic Tips for Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing
  • Section of Mobile Phone
  • Circuit Diagram Reading
  • GSM Mobile Phone Troubleshooting
  • Chinese Mobile phone Troubleshooting
  • CDMA Mobile phone Troubleshooting
  • Practically handset repairing
  • Tips for service centre
  • Live Practical Training
  • Mobile Repairing Institute India
mobile repairing institute in delhi
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